I am a beekeeper based on the south coast of  Hampshire in England, where I manage about 20 colonies in 3 apiaries.


Passionate about the craft of beekeeping, I  am studying to be a Master Beekeeper and have so far taken all  7 of the written exams for the Advanced Theory Certificate.


I'm very involved in the fight against the Asian Hornet and am currently the Asian Hornet Coordinator for Hampshire.


I write blogs and give talks, presentations and seminars on beekeeping, the Asian Hornet, the Wines of the Loire Valley and the Falklands War.


After living in France for 23 years I relocated to England when I married the disability advocate, writer, speaker and Blind Baker Penny Melville-Brown OBE DUniv www.pennymelvillebrown.com


My book Fit2Fight with practical help for beekeepers in managing the Asian Hornet is now available at



This queen honey bee has grown from a tiny egg to a fully functioning adult in 16 days. She will soon begin to lay up to 1500 eggs a day and head her own colony of many thousands of offspring. All part of the amazing  world of beekeeping.